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We are a creative and innovative business, with a variety of specialities.

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Akil K. Rahim

Instructional Design, Training, and Consulting Services for:

  • Innovative STEM to STEAM Projects for Young Children
  • Professional Staff Development
  • Effective Family Goal Setting Strategies

  • Effective School Readiness Designs

  • Father and Father-Figure Engagement

  • Tools for Parent, Family and Community Engagement

  • Developing Culturally Competent Diversity Programs

  • Family Literacy for Adult Education & Development

  • Family Literacy for Parents and Children Connections at Home

  • Developing Policy Councils, Policy Committees, and Parent Committees

  • Creating Effective Governance Partnerships with Parents, Staff, Governing Bodies, and the Community-at-Large

Technical Assistance and Consulting Services for:

  • Creating Integrated Systems for School Readiness

  • Writing Mangement and Program Services Plans

  • Conflict Resolution and Team Building

  • Integrating Parent, Family and Community Engagement through the Circles of School Readiness

  • Developing An Integrated School Readiness Ongoing Monitoring & Annual Self-Assessment System

  • Preparing for A Successful Office of Head Start/Federal Monitoring Review

  • Design and Facilitation of Focus Groups for Organizational Development and Change Management

Products for Parent and Staff Development

  • Searching for Our Future (packages, portfolios, and workbooks for family goal setting)

  • Program Governance Workbooks and Handbooks (for parents, staff, and governing bodies)

  • Roots2Shoots Family Literacy Workbooks

  • Fathers, Friends, and Other Men (creating activities for developing and involving fathers and father figures in the lives of HS and EHS children)

  • Free Initial Assessment & Development Consultation


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