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iLIVE - Investigating Life In Various Environments
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2019 – 2020 i LIVE InVenTures
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Father & Son Create Small Tulip Test Garden


Fall to Spring InVenTure: Family Citizen Science

Brian Francoise and son Keagan prepared a small tulip test garden during our 2019 George Washington Carver Fall Investigating Life In Various Environments (iLIVE™) STEAM InVenTure. Now, in the Spring of 2020 the garden is showing growth.  This project provides opportunities to explore the science of phenology – studying the impacts of seasonal changes on life.
Click the photo, above, to go to Facebook.  Scroll down the page to watch a brief slideshow showing the garden’s progress.  Then, write your answers to the questions at the end of the slideshow; and/or, your comments.

Tulip Test Gardens
Tracking Change in Seasons and Climate Around the Globe

Each fall, people across the Northern Hemisphere plant Emperor tulip bulbs in Journey North Test Gardens to help monitor seasonal change in a scientific way. In the spring, when the plants emerge and bloom, test gardeners report their data to the maps.
One garden at a time, the relationship between climate, geography and the greening of spring is revealed.

Click this link to learn more about the Tulip Test Gardens citizen science project.

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iLIVE Citizen Scientists Explore Pollinator Garden

iLIVE -– Investigating Life In Various Environments –– is a biodiversity, phenology (fe-nol-o-gee) InVenTure.  Phenology is the biological science of studying how seasonal changes affect living things.  During this InVenTure you become a citizen scientist.

You will observe, document and share information about the ways seasonal change is affecting the plant, animal and human life in an environment near you.  The information you collect will be shared with other citizen scientists as well as professional scientists who are working on related projects.


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