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Develop Strong Families with Club PEARL
ClearView Village has a new parent, family, and community engagement project: Club PEARL – Parents Engaged and Always Ready for Learning.
The goal of Club PEARL is to "Help each parent develop a strong family through ongoing engagement and learning."
Club PEARL's design allows each  program to create a project which showcases the achievements of their parents and to offer parents opportunities to share their achievements with other programs.
Research (Harvard Family Research Project) shows that programs can strengthen families through four main parenting processes: family environment, parent–child relationships, enhanced parenting skills, and family involvement.

NOTE: These four process are the foundation of the Parent, Family, and Community Engagement Outcomes Framework.
Family environment refers to characteristics of the home that influence children’s levels of school readiness. They include:
• The physical setting of the home
• The family’s health and well-being, and
• The presence of positive routines and structure for the children.
Parent–child relationships refers to the connectedness between parents and their children, and.

Parenting skills refers to the abilities necessary for parents to effectively nurture and manage their children’s behavior.

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