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NSTA STEM Workshop July 13

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NSTA STEM Workshop July 13
This session, The Sunflower Challenge, an integrated STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) workshop was held at 9:30 AM Friday, July 13, 2018 at the NSTA STEM Forum in Philadelphia, PA.
Participants applied crosscutting concepts to Discover, Investigate, Simulate and Create Opportunities (DISCO)™ using this George Washington Carver STEAM InVenTure to develop ongoing environmental awareness in both their classrooms and their students' family households.

During this workshop, and using materials provided, participants: 1. Set up their garden; 2. Made predictions; and 3. Discussed the STEAM components students could apply during this InVenTure.
Session participants then explored the use of data that would be collected through cell phone photographs taken by students, their parents and themselves as teachers and/or parents. Participants furthered identified and discussed crosscutting concepts they could help their students understand when doing The Sunflower Challenge InVenTure.

Participants also explored the literacy development opportunities in conducting this InVenTure, such as: the creation of narratives from photographs –– extended over time –– that can help young children tell a series of stories about what happens when they plant sunflower seeds in a plastic cup environment; including talking about sequences (first, second, days, months, etc.); cause and effect relationships and vocabulary.

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